Livin’ on Skiatook Time

Since the Womack family has arrived in the Skiatook area of Oklahoma, we have gotten exactly what we were seeking- a slower pace.

This is how we’ve been filling our days.

We’ve been riding the ranger on trails to find isolated views…

…to start Isabel and Brady’s driving lessons…

… and to get to and from the Lake.

Ahhh, the beauty of Skiatook Lake.

We’ve been having fun swimming…

…and tubing.

The scenery in the area certainly encourages solace.

Until a few days ago, we didn’t have wifi, and that was actually kind of nice. It was an excuse to not work on my laptop and an easy way to say, “Oh sorry, kids. You can’t play on your ipads, there’s no internet. You’ll just have to use your imagination like kids did in my day.” As a result, we were doing things a little backwards. We were reading on our patio and going to the library to work on our laptops and play on our ipads. I was kind of embarrassed and felt the need to explain that to the librarian.

Even our drive into town to the library or the grocery store is a relaxing venture.

We start by crossing the dam which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest places to be in Skiatook.

On one side stretches dark blue waters…

…and on the other stretches bushy green treetops for as far as the eye can see.

And then we head down into a beautiful, lush valley.

Look! Bales of hay! One of my favorite scenes. It looks like they’ve been artistically placed to decorate this field. And this type of scene is found all over Skiatook, all over Oklahoma. I love it.

We enjoy rolling down the windows and saying hello to our new bovine friends. Hi, cows! Mooooo!

They stare at us like we’re crazy city folk.

We pass scenic ponds…

… and majestic horses nibbling on grass. On this note, if you see a crazy girl taking pictures of your animals, don’t be alarmed. It’s just me.

More hay. This shot I pulled over and got out of the car for. A man driving by in his pick-up truck gave me a curious look. I imagine hay isn’t as exciting to the locals. Isabel and Brady told me I was embarrassing them and to stop being a tourist. I like being a tourist! It means that I’m appreciating and embracing what makes Skiatook special!

More cows…

…and a beautiful shady grove of trees.


We saw a turtle crossing the road and we decided to help it cross faster so it wouldn’t get hit by a car.

Ironically, I wrote a very similar scene in Tea with Isabel when Nina rescued a turtle from Highway 20. Here we were just about two miles from that very spot. A very strange form of deja vu for me.

And that’s our drive into town! I turn a reasonably short drive into a long one by pulling over so many times to take photos. Isabel and Brady have been extremely patient with me.

I’ve been waking up early before John and the kids wake to go for a nice morning walk or jog. It’s so peaceful to walk down this gravel road and not see another soul.

The lighting is gorgeous, a bright warm tangerine hue, as the sun rises into the periwinkle sky.

Sweet solitude. It’s just me and the birds.


I make my way across Lake Road and head into a neighborhood with big grassy, tree-filled yards.

Most often, the scenery warms me up with the cozy glow of sunrise…

…but occasionally the morning is a misty one.

I always, always, always make sure I can see Skiatook Lake on part of my walk.

It is so addictive.

Are you kidding me? That’s incredible. The water is like glass.

I’ve got a thing for the marina, too.

The sun is still rising!

So many opportunities for artistic photos. Honestly, I don’t get my heart rate very high stopping to take all of these photos! Oh, well. Maybe these walks and jogs are more for my soul than anything else.

Why did the tarantula cross the road?

Well, duh.

The turtle got help. The tarantula is on its own.

At some point, I check the time and realize I better get back down that gravel road before John has to leave for work.

We are loving it here. Stay tuned!

Tulsa Time by Don Williams


10 Replies to “Livin’ on Skiatook Time”

  1. Julie, we can feel the beautiful experience your family is having through your words. We are all so happy for you all. Soak it in!!

  2. We moved to Skiatook 10 years ago. Love my back roads scenic commute to Tulsa, and lake time is the best. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  3. So happy your family is enjoying their “new” life in Skiatook….it looks so beautiful….keep writing your adventures….love reading them😍

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