To Lavender, with Love

Welcome to the world of lavender beverages! I’m about to introduce you to a beautiful recipe. It’s really just a basic latte, but my purpose of this entire blog post is to introduce you to a new and unexpected flavor in your coffee or tea.


I cheated a little on this picture. See the vivid color in the background? Do you feel the warmth? It’s reminiscent of a time in the summer when I used to frolic barefoot in majestic green grassy meadows. I had the foresight to photograph my brand new gorgeous bottle of transparent violet-colored lavender syrup in this warm, lush setting back in June.

As opposed to this…


I’m just kidding. I’m actually loving winter. And on the plus side, there are no mosquitoes in the second picture.

I bought my lavender syrup online, and now that I have it, I add it to hot black tea with a touch of milk, hot or iced tea lattes, iced coffees… One day a stroke of genius hit me and I added a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream to my lavender iced coffee and stirred it up until it was the texture of a hand-stirred milkshake. Sweet rapture! Opera music played in my head when I tasted it.  If you don’t live in a state that sells Blue Bell ice cream… my sympathies.

I could go on and on with the recipe possibilities and have a lavender Bubba Gump moment- lavender oatmeal, pound cake with lavender glaze, lavender martini…

But, I should focus and get back to the coffee conversation. I’m going to back up to the moment I had my first taste of lavender in a hot beverage.

One of my absolute best friends in the world, Sharon, was visiting from Israel. We walked from her parents’ house in Altadena, California, around the corner to a little coffee house called Lavender & Honey. I ordered a lavender breve and I fell in love with the lovely, florally flavor that works beautifully with coffee.

I drank my lavender breve in the company of my sweet friend that lives halfway around the world. Every subsequent visit by myself to Lavender & Honey resulted in a photo texted to Sharoni so she would know I was at our spot and I was thinking about her. Lavender & Honey quickly became my favorite coffee house. (Their honey bee latte is delicious, too.)

Now that I live in Oklahoma and my trips to Lavender & Honey will be limited to a few times a year, I’ve had to learn how to fend for myself.  Deep breaths. My Nespresso machine and I will get through this together.

This is how I make the lavender breve.

I brew a shot or two of espresso. I adore my Nespresso machine. It’s so easy to use and so is the clean-up.

I add a conservative splash or a liberal pour of that special lavender syrup. You can add it before or after the milk. I don’t think it matters, but I like to stir it in so it doesn’t just sink to the bottom.

Wait, you don’t have dried flowers laying on the counter when you’re making coffee? You’re weird.

I steam some milk in my milk frother. A breve uses half & half, so that’s what I’m using here, but you can use any kind of milk.

Pour the milk in and spoon some of the luscious foam on top.

And, voila, it’s gorgeous. I really think you’ll love this.

Look! I’m using the mug from Lavender & Honey that I bought myself as a little farewell present when I was moving away from L.A.

Would it be obnoxious for me to mention a book that goes great with a cup of coffee… or tea…?

So, order your lavender syrup and begin your love affair with floral beverages. Rose syrup is lovely, too, but that’s a whole other story!



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