Take Me Home, Country Roads

(Admittedly, this block post is almost two weeks overdue! I am already accustomed to the slower pace of life! For the moment, my sense of urgency has left me. I’ve also been in the midst of unpacking boxes, riding around on a boat on Skiatook Lake and on a four-wheeler around gravel roads, and watching 4th of July Fireworks in friends’ backyards. And I don’t have wifi yet! But here it is, the last leg of the road trip…)

When we woke up in Amarillo, we felt so excited. Today would be the day.

I couldn’t help but have George Strait’s “Amarillo by Morning” running through my head as we packed up our suitcases to the view of the Amarillo skyline and headed to the car. I’ve attached the music video below. It would be practically unamerican to not mention George Strait in a blog that takes place in Texas!

Today’s drive had a completely different feeling. Just by looking at the scenery, we could sense that we were close.

During this nice long road trip, I had planned on finishing reading the book Next Year in Havana which hooked me in Palm Desert. I had a tote bag at my feet with Pioneer Woman magazines, a book about decorating country houses (thank you, Romina), and my kindle was loaded with Where the Crawdads Sing. I managed to flip through some of the decorating book, but that’s about it.

For the last few days, I have been perched in the front seat with my camera poised and ready, shooting photos of beautiful scenery as John pressed the speed limit. Please make note of my beautiful photography, some taken through dirty windows, and some taken in a hurry as I quickly rolled down the window with the desert and countryside whizzing by. That boy doesn’t stop the car for anything. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I have felt in my heart that this has been an adventure. The miles we have driven have been symbolic. We’ve been driving to the next chapter of our life.

I knew we were on the right track when I started to see fields with rolled bales of hay.

Last summer when we were visiting Skiatook, I was obsessed with taking the perfect photo of this scene. I must’ve taken thirty shots in various places. I even managed to get John to pull the car over a few times for me (a nearly impossible feat) so I could hop out and snap some photos. John, Isabel and Brady were getting tired of me saying, “Look! There’s an even better one!” Well, ironically, I took this shot running eighty miles an hour on the highway. I guess I’ve got it out of my system now! Or do I?

As we drove through Oklahoma City, I cracked up when I saw this street exit.

Gotta love it.

Is it me, or is the sky just neverending out here?

When we approached the Tulsa skyline, we knew our road trip had almost come to an end. In thirty minutes we would reach our destination.

We headed north out of Tulsa and exited the highway taking the back roads to Skiatook Lake.

Past lovely homesteads with lots of land.

Past the beautiful yet normal daily activites around here.

Past horses and cows.

To be honest, I didn’t do this stretch of land justice with my photography. It was all happening so fast at this point, we were just so anxious to get there. At one point, John scolded me as I snapped my camera all over the place. He told me to just enjoy it. Probably right.

We drove up rolling hills and around turns.

Get ready…

We’re almost there…

This is where it really gets exciting….

We’re home.

“Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver


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